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The gang is based in Lviv, Ukraine and consists of two designers and illustrators. We collaborate with web and software developers in the area of interface and design solutions. We work with advertisement agencies and magazines, draw illustrations. Always open to interesting projects, companies and people with great ideas.
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T-shirt selling web store that will blow you mind.


Crescendo Canada sells European oils, vinegars and spices.


More than 10 000 of authors and hundreds thousands of quotations.


While making the "Under construction" image for our site we decided to make the full alphabet out of several letters we made.


Site for our partner web developement company based in Vancouver CA.


For Specialten Magazine (UK). An exclusive A4 Limited print. Featured in Issue 22.

Microsoft YouShapeIt

Plasticine city for Microsoft Youshapeit project. This was made for a quiz which shows buildings and characters for right answers. Client: Wunderman Zurich for Microsoft.

The Experience.Cent

For .Cent Magazine(UK). 'The Spaces In Between', The greyworld Issue.

Web shop featuring beautiful cotton patchwork and hand appliqu├ęd quilts with over 200 quilt styles to select from. Bedding accessories include pillow shams, toss pillows, decorator pillows.

Microsoft PDC

Set of plasticine characters for Microsoft PDC08 conference held in LA. Client: Wunderman Zurich for Microsoft.

Disiz Peterpunk

Album artwork for a french artist known as Disiz la Pest and his new project Disiz Peterpunk.


For a spanish magazine Caldodecultivo Issue 5. Story called Diego.


The "G-man" is a great experience biker, who knows everything about motorcycles.


Mostly Polycat develops i-phone and i-pad applications. We made a logo and several wallpapers for these devices.

Polecat Site

Application development company that mostly develops iPhone and iPad applications

Epos Card

"The Wandering Essence" Collaboration with the card company Epos, Visa and Japans' leading fashion stores Marui Co. EPOS commissioned a special edition of their credit cards to 100 designers around the world.

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